About Us

WSP is the Wisconsin Science Professionals, a Union of professional scientists that work for the State of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin.

We are a  Member-run organization that works only through the actions of its volunteer Member-activists.  WSP can draw on the expertise of Union professionals at AFT-Wisconsin and AFT National when needed, but the day-to-day actions, decisions, and activities are made possible by Members just like YOU!

Our Executive Board is comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer/Membership Secretary, and Recording Secretary. Elected by the entire membership these positions serve two years with elections held at our annual Convention on even years.

WSP has 7 districts in Wisconsin each with its own elected representative. Your district is determined by the location of your work place, not where you live. There are also several at-large representatives (elected by the entire membership). Representatives serve for two years with elections taking place during our annual Convention on odd years.

The Executive Board plus the Representatives make up the WSP Board which hold quarterly meetings. All members are encouraged to attend as this is where all decisions affecting the membership are made.


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